Solidsteel VL Series Vinyl Storage Hi-Fi Racks


Solidsteel VL Series range of HiFi Racks 3-4 shelves

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Suitable for a wide range of components

SolidSteel’s catalog is designed to meet the most current needs of music lovers and brings together and enhances, both record collections and properly relocating the audio systems. Driven by the desire to supply a beautiful range of Italian furniture, not only designed to meet technical requirements, Solidsteel are pleased to offer the VL Series.

What’s the VL Series?

Whether you already have a large collection of LPs, or you are enriching it. Whether you have a Hi-Fi system, or you are just setting it up step by step, this fantastic new product range is a perfect solution for all music lovers, especially for fans of vinyl records in search of the right place for their audio sessions.
Together with the elegance and design that has always distinguished all the products of their brand, the originality of the project represents an absolute novelty to have all your musical world at hand. It is thus possible to transform any environment into a wonderful space dedicated to the enjoyment of music, enriching one’s home with a piece of furniture with the typical Solidsteel DNA.
The walnut wood finish is designed to fit well in any environment, allowing the easy arrangement of one’s favorite objects, which often goes to accompany the fans’ record collections. The modernity of the design is derived from the perfect fusion of tradition and functionality.
The VL Series is characterised by furniture destined to last over time and, at the same time, functionally meets current and future needs of various audio systems that can be configured.

How many placeable Records?

Depending on various LP’s dimensions you could have, be assured you can accommodate at least 120 records per level. If your collection is too big, do not worry there are Extra-Kits for expanding the available space!

How it’s made?

All the materials are finely crafted, selected and of Italian origin. The frame is made up of parts of the famous S Series, all its screws are galvanized, frame pillars are made of anodized aluminum, carefully filled with an absorbent phono sponge to dampen vibrations. The various metal particulars, as bottom and top ends, are all galvanised and powder-coated to avoid any risk of rust over time.
The VL Series is composed of MDF shelves – 1280×410 mm, with a thickness of 22 mm – finished with high quality polymeric laminates in Walnut finish.
The first shelf at the bottom is dedicated to the layout of vinyl collections, while the subsequent shelves offer distances dedicated to hosting your own audio system, although this is the recommended solution, being the modular product, the whole is freely convertible.
The S Series Pads (protective floor discs) are always included in the products.

Customisable Heights & Extra Levels

The production consists of furniture with available spaces distributed up to 4 shelves, but it is possible to add to each model further levels to satisfy even the most diverse needs. Do not forget that the racks are all modular. The only available distances between the VL shelves are 325 mm between the first and second shelf, and 225 mm for the subsequent shelves. The VL-2 rack is designed for essentially accommodating a record collection and a minimal audio system (for example: a turntable and an integrated amplifier, with bookshelf speakers on both sides).
Options are:

  • VL-2: [325]
  • VL-3: [325/225]
  • VL-4: [325/225/225]
  • It is then possible to purchase separately the following kits:
    ° VL Extra Kit 225 [Inner Shelf + 225 mm frame Kit for Audio Components]
    ° VL Extra Kit 325 [Inner Shelf + 325 mm frame Kit for More Records]

Excellent dampening of vibrations

The bottom frame parts are made by stainless steel connected to the legendary spikes for a perfect leveling of the structure. All the hardware frame parts are designed with inner spikes that increase the dampening of vibrations for reducing the frequencies that may generate resonance in the listening rooms. Audio-video components (for example: turntables, amplifiers, speakers etc) may spread resonance in your spaces. The racks are specifically designed for damping these vibrations.

What’s the Final Result?

A unique design rack, manufactured in Italy for serving music and nothing else.


  • Tubes: painted aluminum (anodized) filled with damping material;
  • Hardware: stainless steel;
  • Terminals: Iron AVP treated with zinc to eliminate the risk of rust;
  • Shelves: MDF wood (22 mm of thickness), polymer laminate.
  • Sustainability for each shelf: 120 kg tested.
  • Shelf Finish: Walnut Wood
  • Frame: Powder-coated Black
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Shelf Options

2 Shelf, 3 Shelf, 4 Shelf

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