Sony Bravia A90K Series TV


Thrilling Picture and Sound with the Compact Sony OLED TV.


Stunning Visuals with Vibrant Colors and True Blackness

Enjoy thrilling pictures and sound on this compact Sony OLED TV.


  • New OLED panel
  • XR OLED Contrast Pro
  • Cognitive Processor XR
  • Acoustic Surface Audio + technology
  • Hands-free voice control built into Google TV

From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to classics, everything on the A90K is incredibly realistic.

The stunning new OLED panel has been paired with XR OLED Contrast Pro to boost the colour and contrast like never before, and it’s this juxtaposition of rich colour and crisp, true blackness that makes the important elements stand out.

Even if you’re watching the darkest of thrillers, you won’t miss a thing with the Sony Cognitive Processor XR which enhances pictures in the same way your eyes focus in real-life, so you can see what’s lurking in the deep shadows or behind those dazzling lights.

The Acoustic Surface Audio + technology turns the screen into a speaker, and when sound comes directly from what’s happening on-screen, your entire entertainment experience is more immersive.

Combining bright, beautiful 4K HDR image quality with easy operation, it’s an imposing addition to corporate boardrooms, lobbies, and reception areas.  Sit back and enjoy an enthralling viewing experience or take your gaming to a whole new level of immersion.




42, 48

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