Sony Bravia A95L Series TV


Stunning Visuals with Vibrant Colors and True Blackness


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Infinite colours. Definitive contrast.

The Sony OLED TV powered by Cognitive Processor XR™ brings out the widest colour and definitive contrast. For movies, games and more, everything is a deeply immersive experience in 4K QD-OLED. Cinematic sound comes directly from the screen.


  • QD-OLED panel
  • XR OLED Contrast Pro
  • Cognitive Processor XR
  • Acoustic Surface Audio + technology
  • Hands-free voice control built into Google TV

World wide colours

The brightest and widest shades and hues from Sony, all beautifully displayed on a QD-OLED screen powered by Cognitive Processor XR™

Incomparable colours. Phenomenally vibrant.

See fresh, bright colours and pure blacks. Our Cognitive Processor XR™ maximises the expressive power of QD-OLED, filling scenes with unprecedented realism.

Millions of individual, self-illuminating pixels. Billions of real-world colours. XR Triluminos Max™ delivers wide shades and hues, even in bright scenes.

The brightest ever Sony OLED. With a temperature sensor, high luminance panel and heat diffusion sheet[1] for dissipating heat, this TV detects screen temperature and precisely controls light to deliver 200% as much brightness as its predecessor.

Pure blacks bring out extraordinary detail and depth. With Cognitive Processor XR™, the expressive power of QD-OLED is maximised.

Intelligent motion processing for smooth, fast-moving action

XR OLED Motion combats blur by detecting and cross analysing key visual elements on successive frames. It creates and inserts extra frames between the originals for smoother, clearer action.

Seamless Edge. Almost no bezel.

Designed virtually frameless, this TV focuses your eyes on what’s important – the picture.

Screen speaker, sounds cinematic

The screen vibrates, turning every part of it into a speaker for powerful acoustics that perfectly match the picture.

As the story unfolds before your eyes, you’ll hear a sound track that precisely matches the action. Exactly like in the cinema.

Best seat. Anywhere. Anytime.

Just because your favourite seat is the sofa in the corner, why should that compromise your viewing? BRAVIA CAM™ recognises where you’re sitting and optimises settings accordingly.

Game time. Be invincible.

This is how your game world should be. Incredibly vibrant colours, lifelike contrast in light and dark, intense brightness. With Dolby Vision®, gaming reaches a whole new level of depth and realism.

The Sony BRAVIA XR™ TVs capture the awesome graphics and soundscapes of today’s games. Want more? Pair with a PlayStation®5 console for absolute immersion.



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