TEAC AD-850 Cassette Deck/CD Player


TEAC Tape Player / Recorder and CD player Combo. Lots more features than meets the eye too.

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TEAC AD-850 Cassette Deck/CD Player

The TEAC AD-850 combines a CD player and cassette deck with MP3 recording (and playback) playback to (and from) a USB Memory Stick. And for even more fun there is a front panel Mic input for Karaoke! In addition to playback of commercial CDs the AD-850 supports playback of CD-R/CD-RW discs containing MP3 files, while the integrated cassette deck supports ±10% pitch control during tape playback.

Various playback modes are supported on CD/USB Memory playback, and timer-ready function*2 allows timer-activated playback of CD/Tape/USB Memory, and recording to Tape. And, various recording modes are also supported such as CD to USB Memory, Tape to USB Memory and vice versa, AUX to USB Memory that is ideal way to record vinyl records as MP3 files.


  • CD Player supporting CD-R/RW discs for MP3 playback
  • Cassette Deck with pitch control (±10%)
  • Front USB port for MP3 recording/playback
  • Tape recording from CD/Mic/AUX/USB Memory
  • MP3 recording from CD/Tape/Mic/AUX
  • Front Mic input with echo and mixing function
  • Karaoke play with CD/Tape/AUX/USB Memory playback
  • Karaoke recording to USB Memory (Karaoke source: Tape/AUX)
  • Multi-function LC-display with peak level meter, tape counter and ID3 tag display
  • Repeat, Shuffle and Program Play (CD/USB Memory)
  • Timer Rec ready for Tape (a third-party Audio Timer unit required)
  • Timer Play ready for CD/Tape/USB Memory (a third-party Audio Timer unit required)

It’s Karaoke Time!

When it’s time to sing, the TEAC AD-850 takes the stage with a built in 1/4″ Microphone input on the front panel along with a built in Echo for that “studio sound.” And for ultimate flexibility, the mic signal can be mixed with backing tracks from CD, Cassette, audio from the Auxiliary input or from USB memory stick.Furthermore, front USB port allows you to record your Karaoke performance over Tape/AUX*1 to USB Memory in MP3 format, as well as recording from CD/Tape/AUX.

MP3 Rec/Playback to/from USB Flash Memory

The front USB port supports both MP3 file playback as well as recording from CD/Tape/AUX/Mic. For added convenience, recorded files will be stored in automatically generated folders on the USB Memory, according to the source (CD/Tape/AUX), enabling easy music archiving from CD and Tape as well as sources such as Turntables connected via the Auxiliary input.

Mic Input with Mixing and Echo functions

The AD-850 also employs a Mic input with mixing function that allows you to enjoy Karaoke singing* while playing back the original song from CD/Tape/AUX/USB Flash Memory simultaneously. The AD-850 includes a built in Echo effect which adds a unique spatial dimension to your voice. In addition to No Echo (OFF), you may select either a subtle ambiance effect or a more dramatic rhythmic repetition. Experiment and have fun!

Karaoke recording to USB Memory or Cassette Tape

The AD-850 allows you to record your Karaoke performance to either Cassette Tape or USB Flash Memory. This mix naturally includes the background music as well as your vocal slings on the mic and any echo effect that you may decide to add. These flexible recording combinations make it easy to save your performance and share with friends, family and talent agents!


Full-function Cassette Deck supporting Metal tape playback

The cassette deck employs a two-head one-way mechanism for recording and playback and supports a variety of Cassette types including Normal, Chrome and Metal. (Metal for playback only). The AD-850 also features a ±10% pitch control which can be very helpful when playing back tapes from the good ol’ days when cassettes ruled the world.


CD Player supporting CD-R/RW discs and MP3 playback

The CD player section supports conventional audio CDs (CD-DA) as well as CD-R/RW discs containing MP3 files. Song information including artist name and song title* appear in the LCD readout. Various playback modes including Repeat, Shuffle, and Program Play are supported on CD/USB Memory playback.

Timer Rec/Play ready

The AD-850 provides timer-ready functions for CD/Tape/USB Memory playback and Tape recording. Once Timer Play or Timer Recording is set, the AD-850 will automatically start playback/recording when the unit is turned on by an external audio timer unit*. Timer mode selector is located on the front panel for easy access.

Check out the brochure for more information – TEAC AD-850 Specifications



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