Technic SL-1200 mk I (Sec Hand)


The legend that started it all

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A classic piece of audio history -The Technics SL-1200 direct-drive turntable. This vintage beauty is from the early years of the iconic SL-1200 series, known for its legendary performance and durability. This turntable has been meticulously maintained and is in excellent condition, showcasing the quality craftsmanship that has made the SL-1200 a timeless favorite among audiophiles and DJs.

Key Features:

  • Direct-Drive System: Enjoy the benefits of Technics’ renowned direct-drive motor system, providing high torque, quick start-up, and precise speed control.
  • S-Shaped Tonearm: The included S-shaped tonearm ensures accurate tracking and is adjustable for optimal performance with various cartridges.
  • Quartz Lock Control: The quartz-controlled pitch control system maintains accurate and stable speed, perfect for those who appreciate pitch-perfect audio playback.
  • Heavy Construction: The robust build quality of this turntable reduces vibrations and contributes to its overall stability, a hallmark of the early SL-1200 models.
  • Stroboscopic Platter and Pitch Indicator: Visualize the speed with the stroboscopic markings on the platter and make precise adjustments using the pitch indicator.

Condition: This Technics SL-1200 from 1973 is in fantastic condition, considering its age. The turntable has been well-cared-for and operates flawlessly. All features and functions have been thoroughly tested. We have left the original cartridge and stylus on the turntable though would strongly suggest replacing them given its age.

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