Thorens TAB1600 Absorber Base


Three-layer sandwich base for effective decoupling of the turntable


The Thorens TAB1600 Absorber Base was specially developed for the improved installation of turntables.

Made of a MDF base plate, which is additionally attenuated by a layer of fabric, it is combined with an acoustic foam in sandwich construction. This unique combination is highly efficient in decoupling the turntable from its surroundings, and so preventing acoustic feedback.

Contrary to the principle of coupling by spikes, which often can negatively influence the sound quality by vibrational coupling to the ground, Thorens use the principle of decoupling in the TAB1600 to neutralise the negative impact of structure-borne sound from the turntable.


  • Construction Material: MDF base plate with fabric and acoustic foam layers
  • Dimensions: 450x 45x 378 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 2.45 kg
  • Style:  Modern
  • Colour:  Charcoal

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