Thorens Turntable Belt Guide

Thorens Turntable Belt Guide



Thorens now has five (5) different replacement belts available, so we have created this handy guide to help you order the correct replacement belt:

Standard Belt:     0.9 x 4mm     496mm Long and Fits:

TD125, TD126, TD127, TD226, TD150, TD146, TD147, TD160, TD161, TD162, TD163, TD164, TD165, TD166, TD105, TD106, TD107, TD108, TD109, TD110, TD111, TD112, TD113, TD114, TD115, TD280 MK 1, TD280 MK 2, TD280 MK 3, TD290, TD325, TD316, TD317, TD318, TD319, TD320, TD321, TD325, TD520, TD521, TD700, CONCRETE TD2001, D3001, TD158,  TD170, TD190, TD235, TD240,  TD294 MK I, TD294 MK II, TD294 MK III, TD294 MK IV, TD160 HD, TD309, TD209,  TD206, TD203, TD900, TD1600, TD1601          Part # 6800574


New Belt:      0.6 x 4.6mm     550mm Long and Fits:

TD201, TD202, TD102          Part # BE1744506B


Reference Belt:     1.0 x 7.0mm     980mm Long and Fits:

Thorens Reference Turntable           Part # 6824209


Prestige Belt:     0.9 x 8.0mm     510mm Long and Fits:

Thorens Prestige Turntable            Part # 8826130


Long Belt:     1.2 x 1.2mm     900mm Long and Fits:

TD800 Linie, TD2010, TD2015, TD2030, TD2035, TD350, TD550            Part # 9800866



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