VINYLCARE Pack by Pro-Ject & Ortofon


A simple, very cost effective “all in one” cleaning and care package; it’s perfect for all record player owners


Your Collection Sounds Better and Lasts Longer

Rescue your record collection, and treat your vinyl right with our analogue first aid kit. Keep your turntable clean, tight and sharp with this specially – assembled set of tools, so your collection sounds better and lasts longer.

This Care Package Includes:

Groove Grit Remover (Pro-Ject VINYL CLEAN)

This odd little ball of goop will do wonders for those musty crate-digging finds. Just roll it gently over the record grooves, and it’ll get rid of dust, grit and grease imprints from the surface of your records, without leaving any traces behind. Clean records not only sound better, they last longer too! (Now their v2 version)

Carbon Fibre Record Brush (Pro-Ject BRUSH-IT)

This brush is disrespectful to dirt and dust that creeps into your collection and wrecks your records. With lightweight carbon-fibre bristles, a gentle sweep of the brush will clean out the fiddliest parts of the groove to make your vinyl sparkle again. (Now their v2 version)

Dry-Clean Stylus Brush (Pro-Ject CLEAN IT)

Your stylus (a.k.a the needle) picks up every last bit of fluff and dust that might be trapped in the grooves of your record collection. That means the stylus gets clogged up, and you hear less of your favourite albums. This carbon-fibre stylus brush will gently clear away the debris so you won’t miss a single note.

Cartridge Alignment Card (Ortofon Alignment)

Your stylus is a precision instrument, and having it properly set up can make a massive difference to your sound. This card is an easy way to get your cartridge right where it should be so you can enjoy your albums like you were meant to.

Headshell Screwdriver (Ortofon)

A friend of the Cartridge Alignment card, this is a light little screwdriver perfect for tweaking the screws that hold your turntable’s cartridge on; you’ll need to loosen those screws to get the alignment right, after all.

Tracking Force Gauge (Ortofon Gauge)

Tracking force measures how heavily the cartridge presses down on your records. Too light, and the needle jumps out of the groove; too heavy, and you get the delightful sound of your record being ground down. It’s tough to get it right, but this simple gauge helps you find that sweet spot for smooth playback that’s gentle on your vinyl.

360° Spirit Level (Ortofon LIBELLE)

Turntables are designed to be on perfectly flat surfaces, but out here in the real world, our cabinets slope on weird angles, or our floors do. Getting the turntable sitting level means a more stable turning speed, which helps your deck last even longer.

Shock Absorbing Pads (Pro-Ject DAMP-IT)

Your turntable isn’t going to do a quick lap around Bathurst any time soon, so why does it need shock-absorbers? The answer is stray vibrations. Unwanted vibrations are the secret enemy of good music, creeping in and messing up the vibrations you actually want (that is, the music itself). With these shock-absorbing pads under the feet of your turntable, you’ll protect it from those nasty vibrations, and make your music sound even clearer than before!


NOTE from Crighton:

This pack is pretty much perfect.  Isolate your deck with the Damp IT, help to level it with the Bubble level. Ensure your cart is set up and weighted properly with the Align IT and Gauge. Then clean EVERYTHING with the ProJect cleaning goop, stylus brush and record brush.  Perfect !!!



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