Vanguard Dynamics IR Repeater Kit


ontrol audio video components in entertainment cabinets or equipment closets using existing IR remote controls

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Achieving the perfect balance between value and performance is always a challenge. The DaVinci Group founders, sales team and dealers all worked together to create the Vanguard Dynamics line to provide the highest level of performance and value, designing speakers so that every product is the best possible in sonic performance and reliability.

With control of up to 5 components, a discrete sensor and flasher design (with visual feedback), Sky TV compatible, there are plenty of good reasons to check out Vanguard’s IR kit.


  • IR system for control of us to 5 components
  • Visual feedback on sensor and flashers
  • High quality power supply
  • Suitable for all TVs and lighting
  • Easy installation
  • Range: 20m (60ft)
  • Resistant to all forms of possible interference
  • Compatible with most new high frequency cable, sat and DVR units
  • 3 year NZ warranty

Package contents…

  • IR Receiver
  • Connecting Block
  • 3 single Emitters
  • 1 Dual Emitter
  • Power Supply

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