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Volumio Primo Streamer and Power Supply Bundle


Bit-perfect 24 bit / 192kHz network streamer bundled with a 5v iFi power supply

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Volumio’s Primo has been awarded EISA’s prestigious best digital source award – something that is no small feat for such a young company. The Primo has been Volumio’s flagship since it was first released in 2018 and was their first product to receiver a reward. Volumio’s love for the Primo shows in every facet of it’s design and to further upgrade this product we are offering it with iFi’s iPower2 5v power supply.

Volumio Primo Hi-Res Streamer

Volumio’s Primo Hi-Res streamer has an elegantly simple form factor with an impressive set of input and output capabilities and superbly balanced sound; this is the music player we’ve always dreamt of. Volumio Primo is universal, capable of playing formats from mp3s to hi-res flacs, internet radios, DSD files and of course hi-res music streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz; if that wasn’t enough, Volumio’s plugins store offer a variety of other third party integrations like Spotify, YouTube, TuneIn Radio and much more.

Being a network music player, its networking capabilities must be up to the task; the Hi-Res Primo comes with gigabit ethernet for ultra-fast transfer speed and an external Wi-Fi antenna that provides the ultimate signal. The core of Primo is the ASUS Tinkerboard S, which is one of the best integrated computers available. Thanks to its fast CPU, dedicated USB path and integrated memory it offers unmatched performances.

iFi Audio iPower2 5v Power Supply

The iFi iPower2 is the new and improved version of their extremely low noise DC power supply. It is well known that switch-mode power supplies are extremely noisy – the iFi iPower2 is designed to be the Audiophile’s answer to this problem. The noise floor is virtually inaudible and the all-important level of refinement (whether listening to an analogue or digital source) has been amplified several notches. iFi understands and appreciates that today, being portable and user-friendly is paramount. The iPower2 is light, convenient and above all, easy to travel with and work in any country in the world.


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