Wireworld Mini Eclipse Speaker Cable


Quad DNA Helix construction with 4x 40 strand groups of OCC Copper conductors

All the beauty without the beast

Finally, a true HiFi cable with a size to easily conceal. If you want to hide your cables easily, they have to be small and flexible. But historically this meant your favourite premium cables wouldn’t do. Now with Mini Eclipse, you get the incredible technology of Quad DNA Helix in a flexible, slim cable. Out of sight but not out of sound!

MiniEclipse uses heavy gauge OCC copperconductors in a QuadDNA Helix array, which absolutely minimises any effects due to cable capacitance and phasing issues.

With version 7 you get Wireworld’s Composilex 2 insulation, which minimises extranuous noise foran absolutely silent experience. You also get Wireworld’s new interchangable terminations or “Uni-Term” plugs, which allow really easy interchanging between banana and spade connections.


  • Design: Quad DNA Helix
  • Conductors: 4(40 Strands)
  • Gauge: 14AWG | 2 sq. mm
  • Material: OCC Copper
  • Insulation: Composilex 2


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