Wireworld Silver Starlight Coaxial Digital Audio Cable


Wireworld Silver Starlight Coaxial Digital Audio Cable

Amazing clarity and focus

By combining the world-class Gold Starlight 8 design with OCC-7N silver-clad copper conductors to save cost, Silver Starlight 8 makes reference-standard digital audio performance more affordable than ever. This elegant cable produces dramatic improvements in clarity, 3-D focus and dynamic contrasts.The Silver Starlight Coaxial Digital Audio cable (SSV) provides a clean connection between two pieces of equipment.

Wireworld’s version 8 uses an all new Composilex 3 insulation, which minimises extraneous noise fora scarily silent experience. And with the new interchangeable terminations or “Uni-Term” plugs, you can easily interchange between banana and spade connections depending on what you need.



  • Design: Tri DNA Helix
  • Conductor Material: OCC-7N Solid silver
  • Conductors: 3 (12 strand groups)
  • Gauge: 24AWG | 0.2 sq. mm
  • Contact Materials: Silver-clad OFC
  • Insulation: Composilex 3
  • Plug Options:
    • RCA to RCA
    • BNC to BNC


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