Wireworld Sphere 18Gbps HDMI Cable


Wireworld Sphere 18Gbps HDMI Cable

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Unparalleled Connectivity

Wireworld’s new HD Bridge Technology is utilised in their longer run cables from 7m to 30m. This is an active module powered at the display end via a USB A connector. This makes it a directional cable, so when running ensure the cable is run the right way around.

Building on the success of previous international multi-award winning HDMI cables, the Sphere range enjoys all the performance benefits from WireWorld’s extensive experience, but it is designed for the unique conditions of being permanently installed, with a new robust construction allows for both flexibility and strength as well as long-term reliability.

Engineered to be incredibly fast, and delivering crystal clear definition, depth, and contrast up to 30 m, every length has been independently tested and certified to the HDMI 18 Gbps specification.

The Sphere™ features Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and moulded connectors.

WireWorld’s Quality Assurance

WireWorld is leading the way in verifying the quality of all its HDMI® products. WireWorld’s range of HDMI® cables are subjected to a very exact quality control and testing procedures. Each and every cable goes through a full electrical test and visual inspection. Only the samples that meet our strict criteria are shipped to customers worldwide.

“Eye Pattern” test

Eye pattern test is performed to determine the capability of the cable to carry the specified (as laid down by The HDMI Licencing, LLC) digital video signal over the length of any given HDMI® cable.

Whilst other brands choose to highlight favorable and selective results that only provide partial account of compliance, WireWorld tests the entire range of HDMI® cables that it manufactures.


  • Design: Round construction for both flexibility and strength ideal for installation
  • Conductor Material: Oxygen-Free Copper
  • Insulation: Composilex 2, CL2/FT4 (UL) rated dielectric
  • Dimensions: Cable – Diameter varies from 6.7mm to 9.7mm depending on length
  • Dimensions Plug: 0.6m-5.0m Headshell W 20mm x D 37mm / 7.0m – 30.0m Headshell W 20mm x D 43mm
  • Plug Contacts: Moulded Plastic, HD-Grip, Gold


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