Yamaha A-S301 Integrated Amplifier


An integrated amplifier with the advantage of digital input.


Pure Audio Mastery

The AS301 was created by taking advantage of Yamaha’s rich experience and high technological expertise. Based on the concept of “Natural Sound”, for reproducing all music as it really sounds, and built with scrupulous care from circuit design to basic sound production -although this integrated amplifier is an entry model, it reproduces high sound quality and musically rich sound.


  • ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) and high quality parts
  • I/O (input to output) Direct Symmetrical Design
  • ART (Anti-Resolution and Tough) Base
  • Custom-made power transformer
  • 6,800uF block capacitors
  • Aluminum-extruded heat sinks
  • 95W x 2 (max), 60W x 2 (RMS) high power output
  • Pure Direct Mode for Greater Sound Purity
  • Continuous Variable Loudness Control
  • Digital audio inputs for TV or Blu-ray Player
  • Connection for YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
  • Simple yet sophisticated design (aluminium front panel and knobs)
  • Auto Power Standby

Check out the brochure for more information – Yamaha A S301 Stereo Integrated Amp Brochure / Manual

Check out our first look unboxing video:


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