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This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.

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Yamaha CD-S1000 CD Player. Yamaha’s Ultra High Quality Super Audio CD Player for True Music Enthusiasts.With the same retro design as the S-2000 series including the wooden side panels, and similar audio results, this range will again suit the audio enthusiast. CD and SACD Playback. Available in Black or Silver.

Ultra high precision, SACD player that inherits the superior design principles of the CD-S2100.

  • Balanced signal transmission from DAC
  • Transformer with isolated digital, analogue, motor drive and display sections to prevent noise
  • Symmetrical circuitry using independent left and right power supply circuits
  • Exclusive Yamaha Loading Mechanism with superior quietness and high precision CD Drive
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Specially designed feet
  • Pure Direct
  • Super sound from Super Audio CDs


Differential D/A Converters

The CD-S1000 uses high-grade differential D/A converters for the left and right channels, with their output assigned separately for plus and minus. Developed by drawing on Yamaha’s long experience in digital technology, they ensure the highest conversion precision, as well as outstanding S/N ratio and dynamic range. All other components, including the analogue circuitry, were carefully selected based on extensive listening tests. Comprehensive sound tuning, encompassing even the mechanisms, means that you will enjoy incredibly dynamic and powerful CD reproduction.

Four-Part Power Supply with Independent Structure

The power supply has four sections—for the audio circuitry, the digital circuitry, the drive mechanism, and the display—which are physically separated from each other and from the transformer, minimising both mutual interference that degrades sound quality and the effect on earth electric potential. The power supply for the audio circuitry is a constant current type with an independent left-right structure; it ensures a stable supply of clean power and contributes to superior channel separation.

Pure Direct

The CD-S1000 provides the Pure Direct circuit that is a popular feature of Yamaha amplifiers and receivers. Since it has separate analogue and digital sections, the same as a good amplifier, the designers decided to make use of Yamaha’s amplifier technology to help achieve high sound quality. When Pure Direct is on, the display is turned off and digital output shuts down, providing the highest possible analogue sound quality.


Check out the brochure for more information – Yamaha CD-S1000 CD Player Brochure


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