Yamaha NS-2000A Floorstanding Speakers

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The NS-2000A delivers a unified, balanced sound field that encompasses musicality at its essence


Style from Yamaha’s Pianos

The elegant appearance of Yamaha’s NS-2000A merges the style of the piano with the design philosophy of the speaker. Yamaha’s signature gloss finish has been adopted on these speakers, using the same process as used on Yamaha’s grand pianos, a process reserved for a limited number of products in Yamaha’s range. This elegant finish presents the speaker as a stylish piece of furniture, providing a gratifying feeling both when listening to music and even when not.

True Sound

This is sound that only Yamaha can realise as the only audio brand in the world that handles everything from the moment a sound is created to the time it reaches the human ear. Simply close your eyes and feel the artist performing right there in front of you, and experience the profound sensation of being truly “Closer to the Artist.”

Perfectly Unified Tone

Delivering the sounds of musical instruments as they are. As a world renowned musical instrument brand, Yamaha is relentlessly committed to this mission. In order to make this quest a reality, they created flagship speakers under the design concept of having consistent tone color throughout the entire frequency spectrum and applied unique technology to achieve it. For each and every one of its speaker units, the NS-2000A employs the newly developed Harmonious Diaphragm™ — made from a blend of ZYLON®, which has excellent sound velocity and minimal internal dissipation, and spruce, which is traditionally used in the soundboards of Yamaha’s grand pianos and is essential for emanating sound. This ensures accurate, faithful tonal expression throughout the entire audio spectrum, making the harmonies of the sound stand out and the music richer and more beautiful.

Highly Musical Vibration Control

The basis for producing excellent sound — determining what makes the enclosure sound and where to suppress vibration — is virtually identical whether making musical instruments or making speakers. The cabinet construction of the NS-2000A incorporates state-of-the-art speaker design technology that makes full use of laser vibrometers, used in musical instrument research and development, and sophisticated FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. The cross piece of the cabinet has been optimally reinforced, ensuring solid low-frequency response, providing a secure, comfortable musical foundation, and expressing the vastness of the sound stage without anything being lost. S/N ratio, and an overwhelmingly expressive power that perfectly draws out the sound of any musical instrument.

Faithful Music Presence

Conventional speakers use a large amount of sound-absorbing material to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet. Unfortunately, doing so also removes much of the inherent vibrancy of the music. In the NS-2000A, they’ve employed Yamaha’s patented Acoustic Absorber resonator tube to eliminate standing waves, and yet minimise the amount of absorbing material employed, therefore preserving the original life and energy of music that tends to be lost soaked up by traditional sound absorption methods.


  • Type: 3-way bass-reflex floorstanding speakers
  • Woofers: 2 x 6.5″ ZYLON®
  • Tweeter: 1.25″ ZYLON®
  • Mid Range Driver: 3.5″ ZYLON®
  • Frequency Response: 34 Hz – 65 kHz (-10dB)
  • Nominal Input Power: 60 W
  • Maximum Input Power: 200 W
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB / 2.83 V/1 m
  • Crossover Frequencies 750 Hz, 3.5 KHz
  • Impedance: 6 ohms (minimum 3.5 ohms)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 330 × 1,134 × 459 mm
  • Weight 32.8 kg (Each)

Check out the brochure for more information – Yamaha NS-2000A Brochure


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