ZMF Atticus TPE Driver Headphones


Atticus [AT∙i∙kuhs] is ZMF’s most “fun” headphone with a punchy mid bass, smooth forward mids and present but non-obtrusive treble.

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Atticus, a name that encompasses wisdom through experience, is tuned as such. Often audiophile’s are told to search for a neutral sound, when in practice, warmth is what is most pleasurable, desirable and most lifelike. The Atticus embraces this knowledge, and takes it to the next level, with clarity, a vivid mid-range, and vigorous bass. This closed headphone will take you away into a world that you may never recover from.

“I was worried when everyone was calling (the Atticus) fun that they might be lacking, well they’re not. I’m hearing new details in songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times with some pretty good headphones. And I don’t just mean like, oh that sounds better, I mean like oh I’ve never heard that before in the song. Timbre is also amazing, everything sounds very accurate in tonality. As a musician myself, I noticed with most headphones, they might do one instrument really well and others sound artificial, these sound very accurate across the board.”

— Mike Brown

The ZMF Atticus represents the pinnacle of the “Classic” ZMF sound what started in 2012 with the ZMF Master Model.  By using all proprietary parts the sound I originally was after is fully achieved.  This model has full impactful bass, lush mids, and smooth resolving treble.  It’s fun, engaging, detailed and musical.



  • Camphor wood
  • Frequency Response: Approximately 10 Hz to 25 KHZ
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB/mW
  • Warranty: Lifetime for Driver, 2 years parts and mechanical
  • Weight (est.): 455g
  • Pads: Ori Pads
  • Case: Seahorse SE 430 Hardcase
  • Stock Cable: 1 x ZMF Stock

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