Sonos’s New Wireless Trick

Sonos’s New Wireless Trick
Sonos, long known for being the king of wireless ‘hifi’, has relased a new update, and this latest update allows for connection of the Sonos system completely wirelessly. Previously, a Sonos zone needed a cabled connection to your home network, but no more! You can add another completely wireless device to your home’s ecosystem.
Sonos has also released their newest unit, the Boost. The Boost promises ‘rock solid wireless’, and is effectively an enterprise grade wireless access point dedicated to Sonos. It is optional for most systems, though it is required to add a Sub and rears to the Playbar.
Of course, as with any wireless system, if you have the opportunity to use a network cable, it is recomended that you do so. This will take the stress off of the wireless network and give you the maximum amount of bandwidth, for snappy, dropout free performance.
For more information, visit the Relase Notes page for 5.1

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