Sony VPL-VW260ES 4K Home Theatre Projector in Wellington

Sony’s entry level 4K projector is on display in Wellington
We have just received and set up the Sony VPL-VW260ES in demo lounge 2.
This is the first true 4K projector that we have had in the Wellington store on demonstration. After bench marking with a few movies, we are all very impressed.
Compared with the previous Optoma UHD-65, the Sony is much sharper. The picture is much more well defined and also benefits from much better contrast.
The HDR processing helps to set the scene in movies such as Alien: Covenant, showcasing impressive visual dynamics despite the film’s dark and sombre theme.
Colour accuracy is very good out of the box. Planet Earth II showcases the Sony’s ability for impressive colour range and luminosity without colour bleeding.
But please don’t take my word for it. Come in and see for yourself!

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