Sony’s X1 Processor for Projectors. One chip that changes everything

Our X1™ for projector technology takes our acclaimed BRAVIA TV video processing technology and optimises it for projection. The processor combines innovative technologies for high-precision frame analysis, with features like Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Super Resolution for high-quality images.   Our Dynamic HDR Enhancer processes HDR content frame by frame to deliver stunning contrast. It further enhances contrast in combination with iris, which makes bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker, for the ultimate HDR experience.   Our advanced SXRD panel technology offers rich, inky blacks and clear cinematic motion and image smoothness. High heat and light resistance also ensures spectacularly high and stable brightness.   The VPL-VW590ES analyses every pixel of every image and then employs pattern-matching algorithms developed over years of movie production to enhance crispness without increasing digital picture noise. Again, each pixel of each image is analysed using our own advanced algorithm to perform optimum image quality correction so that image focus is better than ever, even in the corners. Our Motionflow technology adds frames to reduce blur while maintaining brightness, creating smooth and clear motion even in 4K – ideal for sport   “Reality Creation” 4K upscaling with X1 video processor (all models) Sony understands that most of the content you’ll be watching will still originate in High Definition – and will have been subjected to video compression. That’s why we took special care in the noise reduction and HD-to-4K upscaling processes. Simple upscalers interpolate the new pixels by taking the average of the two adjacent pixels. Upscalers that are more sophisticated look at vertical, diagonal and horizontal neighboring pixels, plus the corresponding pixel on previous and following frames. As performed by Sony’s exclusive X1 video processor, “Reality Creation” 4K upscaling does all of that, and more. • Content-aware noise reduction. The system starts by cleaning up the incoming signal with intelligent, content-aware noise reduction. • Pattern analysis. Three-dimensional analysis recognizes patterns in the image. • “Reality Creation” database matching. The system compares actual picture patterns to a large internal database of images. • Minimizing compression artifacts. Noise reduction, pattern analysis and database matching do more than simply upscale HD to 4K. They also minimize “mosquito noise” and other compression artifacts. These most often occur in web-based or over-the-top streaming services, but they can also happen in cable and satellite services. Even broadcast and packaged media are not immune. Sony understands compression in production, broadcast and consumer media authoring environments. So we know how to identify compression artifacts and how to remedy them. The “Reality Creation” database is a vast portfolio of professionally shot images we’ve collected across more than a decade. They represent a range of subjects including people, landscapes, sea, sky, trees, clouds, flowers, sports and household objects. Every pixel is matched with the most appropriate patterns in Sony’s vast database. “Reality Creation” 4K upscaling compares patterns in the original image with patterns in the database, matches them up and actually replaces original HD patterns with optimized 4K patterns. With this process, which goes far beyond interpolation, the projectors can upscale HD to uniquely compelling 4K.

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