Speakercraft Easy Multi-room Audio System: MRA664

Speakercraft Easy Multi-room Audio System: MRA664
The perfect balance, multiple zones, smart control, streaming and traditional sources.
Speakercraft have been making traditional audio equipment for many, many years now. With the latest updates to their MRA multi-room audio system, we think they are now ready for a very wide variety of peoples homes, where they will make life a whole lot easier (and better sounding!)
“High quality multi-room audio used to be the domain of incredibly high end homes, now with modern technology and traditional amplification, it is finally possible for many more home owners to have the simplicity and elegance of a connected audio system”
Simple control over your home theater or traditional amplifiers
Incredibly Straightforward to set up
4 Zones of Amplification
Simple App control
Control over other connected devices using infrared
Streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Pandora
Can be linked together as part of a much larger system
Flexibility: The whole home singing…
With the latest update, the MRA-664 is the heart of a connected home. The hub for all of your music sources and playing music throughout the home.
Plug in your traditional speakers and turntable or stream the latest from Pandora, Spotify or Tidal, the choice is yours…
We have the MRA-664 for demonstration in our Christchurch Store, pop in to have a chat and a play…
You can read more about the MRA-664 on our website here: Speakercraft MRA-664

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