Spectectular What Hi-Fi Review of RX-A1060

Spectectular What Hi-Fi Review of RX-A1060
What Hi-Fi Loves the RX-A1060 as much as we do!
“Yamaha has nailed it with the RX-A1060, a mid-range amp in the premium Aventage range.”
It seems What Hi-Fi have finally cottoned on to how excellent Yamaha’s aventage range really is, with another glowing review of their mid range RX-A1060 theater amplifier. Read the full review here: What Hi-Fi RX-A1060 review
The RX-A1060 really feels like the sweet spot in Yamaha’s range, with exceptional performance for it’s price.You can view the RX-A1060 on our website here.
Feel free to pop in to either of our stores, we always have RX-A1060’s in stock and love setting them up for demo’s.
“Overall, the A1060 is an amp that wears lots of hats and wears them all well. It‚Äôs certainly a worthy candidate for your audition list.”

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