Stereophile Reviews Moon 340i

Stereophile Reviews Moon 340i
Moon’s 340i Integrated has been doing wonderful things for us here in store, and it seems the wider Hi-Fi press is starting to catch up! The 340i also has a number of optional modules, for a DAC, phono stage and balanced inputs that were also reviewed. Here is a little of what they had to say:
“I believe the Moon by Simaudio Neo 340i will hold its value: The way it satisfied this listener with its Champagne Brut audio aesthetic should never go out of fashion. Confidently recommended.” – Herb Reichert
“Overall, Simaudio’s Moon Neo 340i offers excellent measured performance; I was particularly impressed by its affordably priced phono and digital modules.” – John Atkinson
You can read the full review here: Stereophile Moon 340i Review

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