Stereophile Reviews Yamaha’s A-S3200 Integrated Amp

Stereophile recently reviewed Yamaha’s new A-S3200 integrated amplifier. Here’s what they thought…   “I got a twinge of nostalgia when I unpacked the Yamaha A-S3200,  as its styling evoked memories of Yamaha’s “Natural Sound” receivers from the 1970s. Its performance on the test bench indicated generally excellent audio engineering, though the fact that it doesn’t double its maximum power when the load impedance halves suggests that it shouldn’t be used with loudspeakers with impedances that drop much below 4 ohms.”     “When I first saw the A-S3200’s retro, double-meter look and discovered that it has bass and treble tone controls and a front-panel headphone jack, l experienced a moment of time-travel déjàvu. I returned to the 21st century upon examining the multi-language owner’s manual and noting that it was free of the kind of Japanese-to-English mistranslations that made some of Yamaha’s early manuals so much fun to read.”   To read the entire review, click here – Stereophile Review   The Yamaha A-S3200 is currently in stock and on display in both of our stores, so come on in today to check out this beast of an amp!

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