Streaming like a Dream – McIntosh MB50 Streamer in Wellington

Streaming like a Dream – McIntosh MB50 Streamer
Now Playing In Store – McIntosh MB50 High-End Streamer
For those with a traditional high-end system, not many streaming products fit the bill. If you are looking for a more refined, superb sounding option, the MB50 should be on your short list.
The MB50 is built in traditional McIntosh fashion, that is, with fastidious attention to detail. Although more compact than most McIntosh products, it’s undeniably solid, with classic McIntosh detailing and finish. This really is yet another McIntosh product to be proud of.
The MB50 is built on the DTS Play-Fi standard, which allows you to easily build a reliable, whole home system. It supports all of the latest streaming services, and in our experience has been rock solid and fairly easy to use.
It also functions as a preamplifier with a high-quality volume control and a variety of inputs.
To learn more about the MB50, you can pop in-store, or have a look at our listing: McIntosh MB50

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