SVS Pro Subwoofers – In Store Now!

SVS Pro Subwoofers – In Store Now!
The 2000 Pro Series are a massive performance upgrade for the most popular SVS subwoofers of all time. The 2000 series feature technology from the flagship SVS 16-Ultra Series, winners of nearly every industry and media award as the top subwoofers worldwide, and groundbreaking innovations that set new benchmarks for home subwoofer performance at their price range and well beyond.
The SB-2000 Pro has massive output and deep bass extension below 20 Hz with audiophile refinement and musicality, and brings reference subwoofer performance to more people than ever from a compact cabinet measuring only 15-inches on all sides.
The PB-2000 Pro has breathtaking output and subterranean low frequency extension down to 16 Hz with astonishing detail and accuracy. The PB-2000 is optimised with dual ports for maximum SPLs with vanishing distortion.
Both subwoofers also feature the SVS subwoofer smartphone app for convenient control of volume, DSP functions, custom presets and more. We are so excited to have both of these highly-impressive and award-winning subwoofers in our Christchurch store, and will have them available for demonstration in our new Wellington store once it is up and running.
PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer

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