The Best Wireless Speaker Options

The Best Wireless Speaker Options
Time to go wireless?
I firmly believe that if your sound system is easy and fun to use, you will get a lot more enjoyment and value out of it.
Part of being easy to use in this day and age means being able to control it with our smart devices, and reliably sounding good, no matter the source material.
Wireless Audio systems have come a long way over the last couple of years, and now have something to offer to just about everyone. We stock, sell and use a wide variety of these products so have a lot of wisdom to offer about what works and what doesn’t. We have something for everyone:
Portable Audio Solutions
Simple all in one Wireless options
Making your existing Hi-Fi speakers wireless
Wireless Multi-Room Systems
This article is about making wireless sound good (So we won’t talk about portable or all in one options…)
Where to start?
Our mantra when building hi-fi systems has always been: “Start with the speakers”. The reality is that good quality speakers are timeless. A very good pair from 10 or 15 years ago is still a good pair of speakers!
If you already have good quality speakers, your best bet is usually to add wireless control of some description:
Wireless Streamers (To plug into existing amplifiers):
These are great for people wanting to modernise a good existing system! – Just plug into your amplifier…
Yamaha WX-C50 Streaming Pre-Amplifier
Moon 180D Mind
McIntosh MB50
Wireless Amplifiers (To plug Directly into speakers)
These are great for people wanting to balance a minimal system with the best possible sound
Yamaha R-N602
Yamaha WX-A50
Arcam SR250
Paradigm’s PW-AMP – For Traditional Speakers
Dynaudio’s Focus 200XD – A high end wireless speaker
But that’s still too much stuff! (And cables…)
If you don’t want separate electronics and speakers, we also have very good quality options for people who want an absolutely minimal Hi-Fi system.
Dynaudio’s Xeo / Focus XD System:
Dynaudio is one of the world’s most widely respected manufacturers of speakers in the world. They don’t make anything unless they think it will sound good for a very long time.
Consequently, they have made a very good sounding and very robust system. It’s based on their most successful traditional hi-fi speakers with an optimised wireless amplifier built physically into each speaker.
Everyone who has tried an Xeo or Focus XD system has been extremely impressed by the simplicity and sound quality that his solution offers. These are highly worth having a listen to if you have a chance.
Dynaudio’s Xeo 2 – The thoughtfully designed wireless hi-fi system
Come in store to see more options and have a chat about what is best for your particular situation. Our friendly staff will be happy to help sort out any confusion

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