The Difference Between Aventage & RX-V Series Yamaha Receivers

The Difference Between Aventage & RX-V Series Yamaha Receivers
What goes into an Aventage Receiver?
It’s not obvious from Yamaha’s website what the difference is between Yamaha’s RX-V series of Home Theater Receivers and their Aventage series of Components. So we did a little digging to find out more…
Internationally, the Aventage series is sold through Specialist Retailers and Custom Installers, where the RX-V Series are sold through a wide range of regular retailers. Selling Aventage is a privilege to proven and respected retailers.
“One thing that won’t be noted on any spec sheet is the support and attention you will receive through any dealer trusted with the Aventage Series by Yamaha.”
The two immediately obvious differences are the extra wedge shaped foot and the longer warranty period. However, it seems the differences are more than skin deep…
Low tolerance internal components
Throughout the Aventage series, more expensive, lower tolerance components are used throughout the construction.
The logic is that specialised retailers are likely to be demonstrating the receivers in purpose built demonstration rooms, so the sound quality really needs to stack up.
These differences are valuable to the type of customer who cares about the sound quality. There is no need for these small tweaks and improvements to someone who mostly only cares about the feature-set.
This is also part of the reason Yamaha can afford the generous warranty periods of the Aventage series. The RX-A series has a significantly lower failure rate than the already quite reliable RX-V series.
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