The Latest Chord Electronics Reviews and Awards

The Latest Chord Electronics Reviews and Awards
Chord Electronics have once again received a number of great reviews, awards and coverage from all over the world.
In recent weeks, Mojo and Poly (now with v2.0 firmware) won a prestigious d√ìr award from French magazine Diapson. The duo have been recognised as the ‘Best Portable Audio DAC. The Hugo M Scaler has also received a glowing review, complete with first-class technical measurements in Stereophile in the USA. has also given a highly impressive 9.4/10 to Hugo 2 stating that it provides a new level of reference sound signature for portable audio, and that it has a solid build quality with ports for future add on models. They also made note of its Very natural sound presentation, futuristic design and many inputs and variety of outputs.
If you’re interested in any of these Chord Electronics products, check out the following links.
Click the link to view Stereophile’s review – Hugo M Scaler Review
Click the link to view’s outstanding review – Hugo 2 Review
Mojo | Poly

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