The new SL-1200GR turntables now available in store

The new standard model inheriting the technology of the SL-1200G , which was developed as a reference direct-drive turntable for the next generation. The SL-1200GR benefits from the R&D completed to make the SL-1200G as good as possible while cutting down on some parts to create a affordable turntable that performs well above its price point.   Launched in 2016, the SL-1200G combined Technics‘ traditional analogue technology and advanced digital technology, while redesigning parts throughout. Its outstanding performance literally rocked the hi-fi market and redefined the reference for direct-drive turntables. Parts that were inherited from the SL-1200G were newly developed for the SL-1200GR, beginning with the coreless direct-drive motor and precise motor control technology that eliminated the cogging that originated from rotation irregularity, and including a low-vibration, high-rigidity platter and high-sensitivity tonearm. By these measures, the level of performance clearly outperforms the usual standards of its class. The SL-1200GR invites more audio enthusiasts to enjoy music with the rich, robust sound of analogue records.

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