The Pendulum Swings – Now Stocking Excellent Bluetooth Headphones

The Pendulum Swings – Now Stocking Excellent Bluetooth Headphones
Every now and then, a product completely blows away your expectations.
For me, the Pendulumic S1 was one of the those products.
As we have seen the trend towards more and more people looking at bluetooth headphones, there has been no shortage of options on the market. Almost all bluetooth headphones have disappointed me with their sound (given their typical pricing)
“To be honest, I thought the problem was bluetooth itself, but the Pendulumic S1’s have proven me wrong.”
It turns out, that when properly designed, a bluetooth headphone can sound as good, if not better than many traditional wired options in the price range.
For a closed back headphones, I found the S1’s to have a great soundstage and a well balanced (if slightly warm) overall sound signature. This is a pair of headphones many will enjoy.
I highly recommend listening to these if you are in the market for bluetooth headphones as they really are a diamond in the rough…
Nice Points:
Excellent Sound Quality for Bluetooth Headphones
Very Comfortable Fit and Finish
Easier to use than many alternatives
Slightly Old-School look probably not for everyone
See more of the Pendulimic Range on our Website Here: Pendulumic

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