The Perfect Mobile Headphone Audio Technica AR5-BT

The Perfect Mobile Headphone Audio Technica AR5-BT
Every now and then, just when you don’t assume too much from a headphone, a pair can really surprise you.
Audio-Technica’s AR5 definitely sit in that category for me.
Usually when I see a portable, compact headphone I don’t expect too much. I just want something lightweight that sounds good and is robust. This recent model from Audio Technica delivers that and much more.
Initially the feel is light and comfy with not too much pressure on your head.
Even though this is a compact headphone, the cups still fit lightly around my ears, which is kind of incredible (I don’t have a small head) The seal is great and the isolation excellent for this type of headphone.
Packed into a relatively compact headphone, is a huge 45mm High Resolution driver, that’s the same size that they pack into the much larger ATH-M50x and MSR7 headphones. The AR5BT can connect either using a traditional 3.5mm jack cable or using a apt-X bluetooth connection. The battery life is stated as a massive 30hours of playback (More than enough for most airline trips)
These are a must listen and a completely unique headphone. Pop into one of our stores to try them on and have a listen.
Did you also know you can watch Crighton unbox them on our Youtube channel.

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