The Prestige Has Landed!

Paradigm’s new 85F Prestige Series Floorstanding speaker has arrived in Wellington
With Paradigm’s revered Studio Series coming to an unofficial end, Paradigm has graced the stage with it’s new Prestige Series.
Borrowing from over 30 years of experience and what they learned from the Tribute and Inspiration, Paradigm’s Prestige series are a step above where the Studio Series left off.
With a range of three floorstanding speakers, two centers, a di-pole and a high performance stand-mount speaker, the Prestige offers something for everyone.
Whether a music aficionado or a theatre buff, the prestige really has all bases covered.
We are very happy to give a warm welcome to the first arrival of our Canadian friend’s, the Paradigm Prestige 85F.
I could go on about how big these sound, their rich complexities and their smooth, yet limitless top end, but where would the fun in that be?
Come in and have a listen!

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