The renowned NS-3000 speakers from Yamha are now available

The world renowned NS-5000 flagship speakers from Yamaha shocked the world with just how acoustically perfect they were. With aspirations set by Yamaha’s engineers that were so demanding that they eventually needed to create a new material to use in their drivers. It’s no secret that the original NS-5000 spared no expense in their quest to make the best speaker possible such as the Resonance Suppression Chambers, premium components and materials.   The NS-3000 has inherited all these features from its older brother in a slightly smaller form factor. This means the new NS-3000 share the DNA of the speaker that Yamaha pridfully calls its flagship speaker. And the results back this up.   Paired with the dedicated speaker stands made specifically for the NS-3000, the NS-3000 will not dissapoint.   Come have a listen to the new NS-3000 speakers at The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington.

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