They’re Here… đüîä

They’re Here… đüîä
They’re Here… Drop into our #TLPCHC Christchurch store TODAY!!!
Thursday 19 July for all things Yamaha including on the spot deals.
Ask us for more details in store.
Call into TLPCHC TODAY for Yamaha’s Best Ever…
Their NS-5000 Flagship Speakers, unboxed and powered by McIntosh
in demo lounge number one at 330 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.
Yamaha have proudly introduced the NS-5000, a 3-way speaker system that shows off the future direction of Yamaha’s speaker technology. Yamaha have spared no effort in all aspects of designing Hi-Fi speakers, including components and materials. The result is the superb NS-5000, with sound and performance that sets a standard for all Hi-Fi speakers to come. Read more on our website…
One of the construction features is that these speakers contain ZYLON¬Ž
No that’s not alien tech… (we don’t think).
ZYLON is a synthetic material that boasts the title of the “world‚Äôs strongest synthetic fibre” while possessing optimum elasticity. The soft-dome diaphragm suppresses peaks and dips in the frequency response, while taking advantage of its high acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium.
The result is a remarkably flat frequency response, with unified tone color and acoustic velocity over the entire frequency range, providing comfortable listening experience and meticulously accurate, superb sound reproduction of the highest degree.
TLP is proud to have a pair of these stunning speakers in store. You REALLY MUST hear them for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask us to play your favourite track (we won’t judge – honest).
We will be offering some special offers on the day on Yamaha gear… Drop in store and let’s have a chat.
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