Thorens Turntables Now in Store

Thorens Turntables Now in Store
You can view the range of Thorens that we carry here: Thorens Turntables
We have received our first shipment of Thorens turntables and taken them for quite a spin.
Thorens is a Swiss manufacturer particularly known for their high-quality decks. They have a very complete range – from the highly popular entry-level automatic decks, through to top-of-the-line, exotic, high-end manual decks.
We first listened to the TD 203 (which is their middle-of-the-line deck) and came away very impressed. The minimal design produces results! If this is anything to go by, these guys really know what they are doing.
This adds to our already extensive range of turntables from Pro-Ject. Thorens brings a long history of meticulous designs and a wide suite of options to suit any self-respecting vinyl lover.
Pop in to one of our stores to learn more (and hear the difference)…
Thorens turntables are now available in both our Christchurch and Wellington stores.

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