Understanding International Voltage

Understanding International Voltage
When purchasing a product, it is important to ensure the voltage and frequency are compatible with that of the country in which you will use the product. On occasions where these are different, it can cause the product to blow or be unusable. When purchasing a product from an international website, ensure that you read the specifications of the product to ensure that you are able to use the product in your country.
The table below is a list of residential voltages and frequencies commonly used for providing electrical power to appliances, equipment and lighting, typically found in homes and offices, of various countries. If the country which you reside is not listed below, simply search for this online.
Country Voltage Frequency
Japan 110 V 50 Hz / 60Hz
Taiwan 110 V 60 Hz
Canada 120 V 60 Hz
Zimbabwe 220 V 50 Hz
Thailand 220 V 50 Hz
New Zealand 230 V 50 Hz
Singapore 230 V 50 Hz
Australia 230 V 50 Hz
Spain 230 V 50 Hz
Sweden 230 V 50 Hz
United States of America 240V 60 Hz

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