Unique New Bluetooth Speaker from Klipsch – The ONE

Unique Bluetooth Speaker from Klipsch – The ONE
A bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look like it’s built for Teletubbies… Count me in!
It seems like just about every audio manufacturer these days has several different models of bluetooth speaker on offer. Each is typically as mediocre as the next. Average build quality, weird designs and very basic sound.
Klipsch has always been a little bit different. I think they have hit it out of the park with “The ONE” bluetooth speaker.
The build and feel are reminiscent of much more serious speakers and make most other entry level bluetooth speakers look like toys.
The One – Making itself heard on my desk…
There are hundreds of entry level bluetooth speakers out there…
But honestly, Klipsch makes itself heard in a very crowded market.
Klipsch has a long and storied history of making serious audio components (Their Klipschorn speakers are still in production 70 years later). Nowadays, they are well-known for making speakers that bring back nostalgic memories of the great audio golden ages, decades ago (when people listened to real music…).
I think Klipsch has done extremely well to distill that essence into a relatively affordable bluetooth speaker.
You can find the Klipsch The One in stock in both of our Christchurch and Wellington branches.

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