What Alternatives are there to Soundbars?

What Alternatives are there to Soundbars?
Modern TV’s sound really bad…
Modern TV’s sound pretty horrible… So we get a lot of people asking whether soundbars are worth it.
Generally, soundbars improve on the sound from your TV, but you will get a nicer, better sound and longer lasting system with a compact and simple active stereo system.
Most soundbars aren’t that much better
The problem with soundbars is their shape. The long thin size means they must use tiny, average quality drivers in a horrible acoustic environment. For the money spent, they simply don’t sound that good.
Modern Active stereo speakers can be just as easy to use, sound much nicer and last a lot longer than soundbars. They can also look very discrete and even be wall mounted.
Using a left and right pair means you actually get sound that is accurate to how it was originally recorded and doesn’t sound like it coming out of a tiny, plastic box…
What are the options?
Dynaudio Xeo 2 Wireless Active Speakers with Digital Inputs – $2,499.00
Simply connect to your TV via optical Cable – These are some of the best sounding Wireless Speakers. You can also easily stream music using Bluetooth from your smart devices
Dynaudio Music 7
Dynaudio take a music first approach to speaker design. The Music 7 is a fantastic sounding for an all in one box speaker solution. There is an Optical input for your TV. Note, this speaker is taller than most soundbars, make sure you have enough room under your TV, or raise your TV with a Ezy Mount Table Top Stand
Hidden Speakers (In-wall, Invisible Speakers or In-Ceiling) and Hidden Amplifiers
Many more options in store! Come on in and have a listen and a chat. (We also have a range of the best sound bars to compare)

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