What Hi-Fi Loves the Oppo UDP-203!

What Hi-Fi Loves the Oppo UDP-203! (Almost as much as we do)
Yet another rave review for Oppo’s latest 4K UHD Disc Player
What HI-Fi have recently gotten their hands on one of Oppo’s latest players: The UDP-203. As could be predicted, they loved it.
“Oppo‚Äôs impressive 4K Blu-ray player sets a new home cinema standard”
In fairness, it’s hard not to love the UDP-203, it’s part of Oppo’s long tradition of producing the best product in a category and not asking too much money for it.
If you are at all interested in 4K playback, this player should be at the top of your list.
You can read the full What Hi-Fii review here: What Hi-Fi Oppo UDP-203 Review

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