Connected is a way that we can communicate with you, our clients, to offer benefits and information that are relevant to you.
We use forms of social media (like Facebook) to share general information, but put more value on being able to Connect to you directly. And since social media are third party entities, they are constantly evolving, and we are unable to predict what direction they will take in the future.
With Connected we can ensure that you receive content that is of interest and value to you.
Through being connected we aim to establish a closer relationship with you, and we are open to your ideas and suggestions with regards to what you’d like to see, hear and interact with.
It is NOT a loyalty scheme so you will NOT receive a membership card or a “buy 10 get one FREE” card. Most importantly, we won’t fill your inbox with spam. We will simply send you an occasional email containing a snippet of something new and relevant.

What are the Benefits?

Special price points in-store and on-line. If you’ve been in-store you’ll have seen the price tickets with the RRP price and the ‘connected’ price. The connected price is exclusively for clients who are ‘connected’. Being ‘connected’ gets you the absolute best price on any purchases in the shop.
As a member of connected, you will also be invited to review nights and receive invitations to new product demos. We encourage you to bring your own media, push buttons, turn the volume up.
Giveaways…who knows what form these will take… just by being connected will make you eligible for FREEBIES. It maybe that you have to turn up to a review night, buy a product or refer someone to connected.

How do I get connected?

That’s the easy part… simply fill in the form below and our super smart system will do the rest… of course you are able to unsubscribe from ‘connected’ emails at any time. Your connected price is dependent on a current email address, so please keep your details up to date.

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