What is DTS Play:Fi?

DTS Play:Fi The Flexible Multi-Room System
What is DTS Play-Fi?
DTS has a long history in creating market leading home audio software. Play Fi is their wireless streaming software which allows manufacturers to create rock solid, high performance wireless audio products, which work really nicely and play well with each other.
Play-Fi allows you to control a wide array of wireless speaker and music systems around your house all from one simple to use app.
What can it do?
DTS Play Fi has a number of unique points which make it stand out from the wireless streaming crowd:
Easy Setup / Beautiful app
Play Fi is designed for everyday people who enjoy great music.
Works with multiple manufacturer’s products
You can mix and match depending on what each room needs
Great Support of Streaming Services
Because DTS Play-Fi is so well supported, all of the best streaming services are supported.
Spotify Grouping
Each product (or group of products) you choose can show up as a separate Spotify Connect Item
Stream Audio from PC
Play Fi allows you to stream audio directly from PC’s very easily, which is much more flexible than many other wireless systems.
Who makes Play-Fi Products?
Well, currently the Play-Fi products available in New Zealand are from Paradigm and Polk Audio. There are also a whole heap more under development.
Paradigm’s Play-Fi products are some of the best sounding all in one audio players on the market, with excellent quality room correction and great room filling sound. If you care about music quality, there are no better wireless audio streaming products than Paradigm’s.
Controlled directly from your smart device or computer in any operating system, the “Open Ecosystem” of DTS Play-Fi technology makes it easy to stream music throughout your home, and to add more wireless streaming devices on the fly.
So Who supports Play-Fi?
The beauty about Play-Fi is that you can stream music room to room through different wireless speakers and components and it isn’t tied to a specific brand. Many of The Listening Post’s favourite brands are in on Play-Fi, including but not limited to:
Martin Logan
Sound Cast
If you want to know more about who supports Play-Fi, click here

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