What is this unique McIntosh Connection for Digital Audio?

McIntosh’s Unique Digital Connection for SACD / DSD (MCT / DIN)
A new connector has shown up on the back of McIntosh’s latest raft of products!
On almost any other component, the DIN connection would imply a vintage stereo system. So why have McIntosh included this on their very latest selection of Digital products?
Simply: There’s no other way. McIntosh’s CD/ SACD Player (The MCT-450) has no analogue outputs, only digital. SACD’s have advanced copyright protection, which means that the format is not allowed to be output digitally over standard SPDIF interfaces. To get around this, McIntosh designed their own digital interface which allows the SACD signals to be transmitted in the purest quality, while knowing they will only ever be decoded by a McIntosh DAC.
For SACDs, the unique MCT output connects to select McIntosh models with a MCT input – such as the C52‚Äã, C47‚Äã or D150‚Äã preamps – to deliver the purest possible sound quality.

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