What is UHD Premium?

What is UHD Premium?
Another day, another TV marketing buzzword….
At CES this year, the UHD Alliance has announced yet another sticker to put on front of their new TV’s. This time, it’s UHD Premium. It’s supposed to help let customers know whether the display will support the full capabilities of the next generation of Blu-Ray’s (UHD Blu-Ray)
The technical specification for TV’s is as follows:
Image Resolution: 3840×2160
Color Bit Depth: 10-bit signal
Color Palette (Wide Color Gamut)
Signal Input: BT.2020 color representation
Display Reproduction: More than 90% of P3 colors
High Dynamic Range
A combination of peak brightness and black level either:
More than 1000 nits peak brightness and less than 0.05 nits black level
More than 540 nits peak brightness and less than 0.0005 nits black level
So what does it actually mean?
Basically it boils down to the TV in question being up to a certain quality standard. In terms of the latest buzzwords, this one is actually more sane than a lot of the other specifications on the market.
A lot of people with the first few generations of 4K TV’s will almost certainly be disappointed when the latest 4K Blu-Ray’s don’t allow the best picture quality to their display’s (without HDCP 2.2 etc.) So this standard should theoretically allow customers to purchase TV’s with this sticker and be pretty confident it will work with the next generation of content when it does eventually arrive.

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