What you get by choosing to up grade to the WXC-50

What’s the Difference between Yamaha WX-AD10 and MusicCast WXC-50
Do I choose the WXC-50 or the WXAD-10 to add Spotify, Streaming and Bluetooth to my Stereo?
The WX-AD10 and the WXC-50 are both cool ways to add MusicCast Streaming and Bluetooth to an existing active speaker or stereo. Both support Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Music from a home computer/server.
Why would you choose to spend more on a WXC-50. Or alternatively, what don’t you get with a WX-AD10?
Here it is, in a nutshell;
The WXAD-10 is super affordable
The WXC-50 Has tone controls or Graphic Equaliser available in the App
The WXC-50 Has RCA variable (pre-level) line out
The WX-AD10 Has variable output on 3.5mm Output only
The WXC-50 Has volume control on the front panel
The WXC-50 Has power, source selection and play/pause on the front panel
The WXC-50 Has colour status indicators on the front panel
The WXC-50 Has separate fixed and pre level RCA output. The pre-out can also be configured to fixed output
The WXC-50 Has analogue input, so you can send music into the MusicCast system from other sources
The WXC-50 Has Optical Inputs (e.g.Plug your TV straight in)
The WXC-50 Has Optical Outputs (Easy to improve audio with an upgraded or existing DAC)
The WXC-50 Can be used in fixed or variable audio output mode. Both digital and analogue
The WXC-50 has improved audio output
The WXC-50 has better build, with heavier aluminium chassis,for more stability on your desk top. This can also have a positive effect on audio.
The WXC-50 has a remote control supplied
The WXC-50 has trigger outputs, e.g. use it to automatically turn on an external amplifier
The WXC-50 has direct Infra Red hard wire input, so you can still remote to it in the cupboard, or another room
The WX-C50 is superb value for money
The WXC-50 can be used in many different ways, flexibility for the future
You can buy the affordable WX-AD10, as super simple, effective Bluetooth and streaming solution for your existing stereo or active speakers here.
You can upgrade to the Awesome flexibility of the WXC-50 Here.

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