Why use Cat6 when Cat5e is cheaper?

Cat5 vs Cat5e vs Cat6, A Tough Decision?
Building or renovating a house can be a costly and overwhelming endeavour. With all the decisions to be made during the process, its easy for structured wiring to be overlooked or to choose the cheapest option presented by your electrician.
Here at The Listening Post we understand the desire to cut costs during the building process, but time and again, we’ve seen the benefits of taking the time to plan and decide on a structured wiring system ideally suited for the user’s house and the type of performance they desire from their system.
One of the questions we regularly hear while planning structured wiring with a customer is
“Why would I use Cat6 for my network cabling, when Cat5 is cheaper?”. Its a valid question and the answer is never as simple as ‘Cat6 is better’.
While we prefer Cat6 cabling, knowing that it future proofs your home for any unforeseen networking needs. Its important to choose a cabling that meets your networking needs while hitting a price point that is acceptable.
The guys over at Midwest Telephone have been installing network and telephone cabling for over thirty years, they know their stuff and have made a pretty comprehensive guide on the differences between the different cabling types. Their guide can help with the decisions around cabling and is available here.

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