Will the Oppo UDP-203 be Multi Region? FAQ

Will the Oppo UDP-203 be Multi Region? FAQ
Oppo Multi-Region FAQ: UDP-203
Oppo’s Universal Players are known the world over for impeccable playback of just about any physical format and more.
Previous generations have handled Blu-Ray’s from other Blu-Ray regions with either a hardware players?
For DVD the player arrives locked to region 4. The player can be easily unlocked to play all DVD regions by installing the Superdisc using the instructions at Oppo’s official website.
Ultra HD Blu-Ray
The new Ultra-HD Blu-ray format does not feature any region coding so all Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs can be played, no matter where you purchased them from!
Map of UHD Blu-Ray Regions!
Traditional (non-Ultra-HD) Blu-ray is locked to region B discs only. Previous models of OPPO BDP-9x and BDP-10x players were able to be unlocked by third parties like Blurayunlock.com though as the UDP-203 is a brand new product there is no unlock available yet.
We expect that such a service will become available in the near feature but if and when it does it will be handled by a third party and not available as an official service from OPPO.
A hardware modification kit is available, however we recommend steering well clear as they mean losing a USB port and may mean warranty support is much more difficult to obtain in the future. They are also prohibitively expensive. Please be patient and wait for a software solution.
Blu-Ray Regions

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