Yamaha Do a Whole Lot of Helpful and Easy to Use Apps – Free

Yamaha Do a Whole Lot of Helpful and Easy to Use Apps – Free
Yamaha has an extensive range of apps to help you control and make the most of your devices. Together they really bring your home to life!
The Sound Bar Controller app
This app provides easy operation for select Yamaha Soundbars using
your smartphone or tablet device. Key features include initial setup of
built-in Alexa voice control settings and basic control functions.
The MusicCast Controller
Simply tap the beautifully designed screen and take control of all the
audio equipment and all the music in your home. There are a wide variety
of capabilities like the Link function that lets you play the same song in
different rooms simultaneously.
The AV Controller
This app will turn your smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi smart remote
control for your Yamaha network products. It provides the flexibility to
control input, volume, DSP modes and multizone operations.
The AV Setup Guide
This app assists you with cable connections between AV receiver and
source devices as well as AV receiver setup. It guides you through the
various settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device
connections and assigning the power amp.
The Home Theatre Controller
The Home Theatre Controller app provides easy operation of select
Yamaha Home Theater Systems using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
DTA Controller
The DTA Controller enhances capability of select Yamaha Desktop Audio system. Key features of this app include alarm settings, an IntelliAlarm customisation and it even syncs your smartphone or tablet clock time to the Yamaha audio system.
Network Player Controller
This app is designed to control Yamaha network player which is
communicated via a LAN cable by using a smartphone or tablet. Key
features includes playback/control network player in line with DLNA
and a Music Play feature.

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