Yamaha CD-C603 top view of open disc holder. Available at the Listening Post : Christchurch and Wellington

Yamaha release a NEW multi-disk CD player

Yamaha has been manufacturing great sounding multi-disk CD players for decades.

The range even featured New Zealand’s most popular changer, the CD-C585, more than twenty years ago.

Yamaha has re-visited their 5-Disk players, replacing the CD-C600 from a few years ago, with their latest offering…the CD-C603.

Like the CD-C600 the new CDC 603 is available in both Black and Silver – HERE

Just a NOTE: Yamaha product codes are easy to translate. CD-C603 is a C.D. Changer 603, replacing the 600 (which I guess replaced the CD-C685 etc.) CD-S303 is a C.D. player, single disk. A-S301 is an Amplifier, Stereo 300 series etc.

A = Amplifier, R = Receiver R-N is a Network Receiver, R-X is a Multi Channel Receiver (AVR) etc. etc .

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