Yamaha Releases New Hi-Fi Streaming Amplifier – R-N2000 – Now in store!!

Yamaha have released an exciting new product, the R-N2000, a new one box streaming receiver that takes the best bits of Yamaha’s traditional approach to Stereo Amplifiers and integrating their streaming controller, Music-Cast.   When the first units arrived in store, the first port of call was to unbox and put through its paces. Once plugged into power and Ethernet, the unit quickly established itself automatically into our MusicCast infrastructure. From there, we paired up Tidal connect. From off the courier, to playing music in under 2 minutes…. Must be some sort of record.    We were very happy with the precision and accuracy of the amplifier, it certainly lives up to the hype. Sonic performance aside, the updated MusicCast on board made setup a breeze. See our listing here!   The Yamaha R-N2000 builds upon Yamaha’s award wining RN lineup, offer a substantially better streaming receiver than ever before. The RN-2000 incorporates the best of the design principles from their current AS Series lineup with the added flexibility of streaming, and Digital inputs right out of the box.   The R-N2000 is a very versatile receiver with an expansive set of inputs consisting of 4 x Analog, 3 x Digital ,1 x HDMI ARC and 1 x USB-B to connect virtually all analog or digital music sources.

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